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Sell Kinkade Paintings & Art on eBay

Whether you have a Thomas Kinkade oil painting, lithograph, serigraphs or any other Thomas Kinkade art object, eBay is a great place to sell Thomas Kinkade paintings. Traditional art dealers only pay you wholesale prices for your Kinkade paintings. Consignment stores lack the massive audience of art collectors that eBay offers. To get the best possible price for your Thomas Kinkade painting let one of our experienced and qualified eBay art sellers sell for you on eBay.

Let expert eBay sales agent sell your Thomas Kinkade painting directly to art collectors on eBay. To increase your sales proceeds let us know whether you have a limited edition, collectors edition or a COA (certificate of authenticity). Please provide us with as much detail as possible such as dimensions of your art work, medium (for example, oil on canvas) and age of the art piece you want to sell.

Process of Selling Kinkade Art on eBay

Our process is easy. Fill out a selling request below. Please tell as as many specifics as you can about the items you want to sell. This will help us match you up with an experienced and qualified eBay sales expert in your area. You will then receive a phone call and/or email from your eBay sales expert. At that point your sales expert will discuss with you the sales process in detail, specify their sales fees (depending on the value of your itmes anywhere between 20% to 45%) and give you an idea of how much you will be able to get for your valuables on eBay. Since our sales experts enjoy a great reputation as stellar sellers on eBay they usually fetch higher sales prices for items.

Your eBay sales agent will take care of the entire sales process for you. They will take professional pictures of your items, write well-selling item descriptions, put together professional eBay auction listings, answer all questions from potential buyers, ship your items and collect your sales proceeds. Once the sale is completed you will receive a check. To get started fill out your sales request below.

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Let expert eBay sellers auction your valuables for a high return. Simply fill-in our eBay Selling Request, below. There's no obligation. We offer end-to-end, hassle-free eBay sales service. To qualify the total value of your items should be at least $1,000. While most anything can be sold on eBay, the company does have some exceptions. Click here to view a list of items we do not sell.

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